Comprehensive Virtual Healthcare On-Demand

Can medical conditions be conveniently managed outside the four walls of a hospital?

Yes, using TECHNOLOGY!

For Instance

CHRONIC DISEASES, Type II Diabetes, Hypertensive Heart Disease, Chronic Kidney Disease

  • Affects more than 35% of adult population in Nigeria
  • Condition is often lifelong with continuing treatment
  •  Treatment consists of review of self-health check readings. Home sample collection available.
  • Patients do not necessarily need to sit down with


There is lack of seamless access to healthcare services whenever and wherever the need arises + the harrowing stress of traffic challenges to physically visit the hospital

More hassles at the hospital…
Endless waiting period before being seen by the doctor We should do better than this

Extend Care Beyond the Hospital / Clinic With telemedicine and remote monitoring plans, patients get access to personalized care to improve their health

Get All healthcare Services from One Location!

PHR | Doctor | Pharmacy | Diagnostics | Ambulance | Others

About 1Space Limited

We are a team of health and Medtech practitioners with a passion to provide a platform for seamless access to healthcare services for all!

Dr Andrew Alonge


Mr Titus Abe


Board Director

Mr Idongesit Okon



Our Mission

With the firm acceptance of the fact that hassle-free access to healthcare is a fundamental human right, we feel duty-bound to provide better management of medical conditions using technology, guided by our core values of integrity, efficiency, empathy and equity.



Telemedicine in On-Demand Care

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